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Ocean Nutrition

Mysis Shrimp (3.5oz)

Mysis Shrimp (3.5oz)

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  • Naturally nutritious frozen fish food.
  • Good starter food for picky eaters.
  • Carefully cleaned to assure product quality and food safety.
  • Quickly frozen to assure the mysis shrimp stay whole and nutritious.

Our Mysis Shrimp are premium quality and make a healthy and nutritional diet for your fish. A favorite for finicky fish.

All omnivorous and carnivorous fish including: Guppies, Platys, Angels, Tetras, Barbs, Catfish, Rainbows, Freshwater Sharks, Seahorses, Marine Angels, Clown Fish, Damsels, Butterflies, Gobies, LPS Corals, etc…

Cubes: Mysis shrimp, water, guar gum.
Flat Packs: Mysis shrimp, water.

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